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Once I got a grip on the controls (all the tips flashed way too fast for me), I was surprised at the depth of the mechanics; a tad clunky but clearly well thought out with the map design. Well done :D


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! As for the tips... they stick around if you don't move... not the best of ideas, perhaps. I'll come up with something better next time :)

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Saw comments about the camera, I found it a bit disorienting. If the camera stayed focused on the character, it would probably be better.

Other than the camera, though... I like this game!

While the camera offset was intentional, I updated the program to significantly reduce the offset. Hopefully this should reduce most of the issues.

seemed interesting (somewhat) until I tried playing and the camera made it nearly impossible to do anything at all - by just the 2nd level I gave up because the horrible cam. Plz redo and reupload and I'll play :) Looks good tho - cool jam project

May I ask what the camera was doing to make it unplayable? All it should be doing is shifting a little ahead of the character when changing directions.

It would shift when the player changes directions - but it changed all the way to the other side of the screen . . basically - it changed so much that the player appeared to be teleporting or something from one side of screen to the other - .. although it clearly wasn't of course - just the cam pos jumped too far. It might be worth noting that this may be because I tried playing on my 4k monitor and not a smaller one - so the distance /width of my screen might be too big for 4k w how it's coded. 

it might be the resolution. The game is technically being rendered at only 320x240, and the camera is coded to move only 48 pixels in front of the player. Upscaled to 4k, that could, indeed be the problem. Not sure how to fix that in only a couple hours. I do not have a 4k screen to test with.

I'm not sure what you made the game with.. but I'd say if you're using an engine or anything that can get a reference to the screen width (Gamemaker or Unity for ex) - then you could set it according to screen width / 2.. or something similar. 

I'm using Godot, but I'm explicitly upscaling the render to the window size. I wanted it to render at 320x240 to keep the tiles and character small.