This is a little Sci-fi esk platformer I wrote for the Fantasy Console Jam #3 (Feb. 2018) using the TIC-80 Fantasy Console. The Theme was "One Minute".

The plot is reality is crumbling and you must find an escape in 60 seconds. When standing still, time will drastically slow down, but also reveal shadow-figures who may or may not be trying to help you.

Some helpful notes I didn't get time to include in the game...

  1. To activate items (for example, teleporters), press "up".
  2. Shadowmen do not hurt you if you touch them, but they do have a long range and close range attack that does "corruption" damage (bar at the top of the screen), but also ADDS some time to your clock.
  3. When you take damage, you will have 4 seconds of invincibility.


  • Lots, but, the stairs are a bit buggy if you jump or land on them wrong.

I hope you enjoy, even just a little bit, this little game, and thanks for playing!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withTIC-80
Tagsfantasy-console, Sci-fi


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