A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Goldbox 64 is a project developed for the #LOWREZJAM 2018
It's written in Python (3.6.6) using PyGame (1.9.4)

It was intended to be a rough recreation of old SSI "Goldbox" Dungeons and Dragons RPGs from the later 1980s.

Sadly, I did not have the time to get a game working. I do have a (technically) working map editor with load and save behaviors. There is no in-game help system.

Main Menu controls are...

  • w - Move up an option
  • s - Move down an option
  • enter/return - Select highlighted option
  • escape - Quit program

Editor controls are as follows...

  • w - Move Forward
  • s - Move Backward
  • d - Turn Right
  • a - Turn Left
  • q - Previous Wall
  • e - Next Wall
  • spacebar - Place wall
  • o - Save map
  • l - Load map
  • esc - Quit to main menu or Cancel save/load
  • enter - (when saving/loading) Save/Load entered filename

When saving/loading, nothing will appear to happen, however as you enter text on the keyboard it will appear at the top of the screen. Once a name has been entered, pressing enter will attempt to load or save a map of the given name.

Goldbox64 is open source and the source can be cloned or viewed Here (Github)

Thank you for looking at my project!

Install instructions

All downloads should be a simple extract and run!


gb64_windows.zip 11 MB
gb64_linux.tar.gz 29 MB
gb64_source.zip 125 kB

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