A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

E-Motional Escape is a platform clicker game created using the Godot Engine for the Godot Wild Jam #21, and written by Bryan Miller.

Except for the Godot Wild Jam graphics, all images were created by the author. All sounds in the game are Creative Commons from various authors (Data/Sound/Attribution.txt lists which sound came from with author)

How to Play

In E-Motional Escape you are tasked with navigating a little emotional ball (E-Ball) around a labyrinth to find the exit (currently, there are two levels plus a “test” level used during development). Depending on what you do, or don’t do, the E-Ball’s emotions will shift between Aggression, Neediness, and Contentment. Each emotional state has a different effect on the E-Ball and triggers different environmental obsticals. Aggression is easiest to build up, and allows you to push the E-Ball the furthest and fastest, at the loss of fine control. Neediness builds when the E-Ball is at rest and the mouse cursor is far away from the E-Ball… it enjoys the presence of the mouse cursor… and the E-Ball will move itself towards the mouse cursor (but not while in the air). Contentment is achieved when the E-Ball is calmed either by the mouse hovering over it for a time, or gently keeping the E-Ball in the air, but the E-Ball will not move nearly as fast when content… preferring to take things slow.

You may need to keep an eye on the E-Ball’s emotions, as different emotional states will open different doorways.

Furthermore, E-Ball can find some environmental help from the particle winds. However, the particle winds will only push the E-Ball if it’s own particles closely match that of the winds. Thankfully, the E-Ball can find pools of colored liquids that can be used to match the E-Ball’s particles to those of the winds… however, the liquids can also affect the emotional state of the corresponding color!!

All of this can be navigated with a single (left) mouse button (or, optionally, the “z” key on the keyboard). When held down, a green arrow will appear pointing away from the E-Ball in the opposite direction of the mouse. When the button is released, the E-Ball will be pushed in the direction of the arrow. The further the mouse is from the E-Ball when released, the stronger the push will be.

Source Code

E-Motional Escape's source code is open source and available at on Github


EMotional-linux.x86_64.tar.gz 61 MB
EMotional.win64.zip 47 MB
EMotional_MacOS.zip 48 MB


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Interesting idea! I liked the mechanic of flinging yourself using the mouse. It keeps things simple gameplay-wise, and we can focus on interacting with the environment. The animations help create more responsiveness in the game as well.

Can't wait to play this again once it's more polished!